Remove credit links from blogger template and stop redirecting

Hello, hope you are doing good. Today I'm going to share a working tutorial how to Remove credit links from blogger template because one of my friends download a blogger template from blog templateism's, and try to change the credit link but after the edit of footer link blog automatically redirected to templateism's home page and it was shocking for him, then he revert the changes and keep the genuine credit of template then it's start working normal.

 remove author credit link from blogger template

He tried a lot but not able to remove credit of templateism,  changing the name of Templateism text and other efforts but it problem remained same after made changes in coding, every time when he removes whole credit link the homepage automatically redirected to templateism's website address.

Why I'm going to share a trick to remove credit link from blogger template?

Yesterday I go to templateism's fb fan page that people are asking how to remove credit link from templateism's templates and here admin and other members are making jokes of that requests and then I willing to do this task for free.
As we all know that credit is a first right of the web designer but as for the human resource and the values I share a simple trick to remove credit link from blogger template and avoid redirection of a template to another website or link.

Remove credit links from blogger template and stop redirection to another site

Actually, credit links attached in the template using Javascript. Its name can be footer, credit or copyrights or something like that. There are lots of ways to remove copyright link-

1- Remove javascript: Removing javascript is irritating and time-consuming because it needs lots of effort to find that links and remove all the credit.

2- Hide copyright link via CSS: This a very simple code also an implementation of this code is not taking a long time.

Let's Start:

Edit your blogger template and Go to footer > Find something like copyright, credit etc as below image.

author link removed from blogger

and add below the line with copyright ID-

style="visibility: hidden"


style="opacity: 0"

In above case you are just making invisible copyrights still, you can do more.

author link removed from blogger

Still not able to hide or remove credit links? Let me try few more steps to fix such hack.

1- Add a class name 'copy-hide' in copyright div, as below, it can be different means such class or id names depend on the template. Check accordingly.

For example, I got a template having footer id 'copyrightslink':

<div id="copyrightslink' class='copy-hide'

and add below JavaScript function in your script area

$('.copy-hide').css('width', '0');
$('<div class="copyrights"> Designed By: <a href="#"> Your Name </a> </div>').insertAfter('.copy-hide');

Change URL and name as you want.

Cheers ! Now you can successfully hide the credit link. You can check the edited demo from Here!

Still unable to remove credit link from the footer ? let us know.

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Himanshu is a young engineer living in India. Currently working at as UI Engineer. He is an ethical hacker & blogger too, doing lots of crazy stuff... If you seems interesting, go through portfolio: "Open Source. Millions of open minds can't be wrong!"

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