WordPress blog post custom header image

Hope you are loving our new design, we got many emails to share such tutorial for WordPress blog post custom header image. So, as usual, I'm here to share complete and easiest tutorial as possible. Let's start- How to set WordPress blog post custom header image Step 1 - Login to your WordPress admin panel, it's your

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Generate unlimited Jio BarCode using PC

Exactly I didn't realize why Jio makes too much trouble for opting their free SIM, I agreed and disagreed with some logic. For example, it's good to offer SIM only 4G devices. But complete disagreed to force install their 12 Apps. Anyways I'm not the owner and person who first thinking about their business logic. They have

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Magic URL Data Extractor a Cross Domain Access Plugin

Magic URL extractor is a cross domain data extractor plugin, we are busy in developing a optimize plugin for various purpose. Till then use this plugin to extract cross domain commerce product details with URL (at this time plugin in beta version so only support top e-commerce sites in India). The concept behind this script

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Filezilla not working with hotspot mobile tethering ? Solved

Your Wi-fi connection not working properly and also Filezilla not working with hotspot mobile tethering (Ex- FileZilla) using mobile tethering. When ever you try to connect it's return with error "Connection timed out " or "Could not connect to server". Why FTP not working with mobile hotspot tethering ? Because of its architecture the FTP

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