Cool cleaning like glass erase effect using jquery

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That is a jQuery plugin that makes a perception erasable (with sensitive mouse or even effect movements) cleaning like glass erase effect.

This particular plugin replaces the qualified photograph by simply an interactive canvas that could be removed making use of effect or even sensitive mouse advices. You possibly can stipulate some sort of callback with regard to achievement along with established the wash measurement.

glass-erase effect

Must be treated which i tend not to declare that the achievement recognition course of action is usually eventually exact. The truth is you should alternatively make use of a completeRatio close to 0. 8 if you prefer a near-complete get rid of course of action.


Download Source Code

For you to transform a perception or even canvas into an erasable canvas, merely employ this syntax:


To specify a brush size, you can change some options (default value is 40) :

$('#yourImage').eraser( { size: 30 } );
// and you can also change the size later :
// $('#yourImage').eraser( 'size', 30 } );

You can reset the canvas to the original image with below code :

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